Christmas Lighting

Let us remove the stress and hassle of Christmas lights!

We create elegant and professional Christmas lighting displays.  


We evaluate our client’s interests and desires first. We work with our clients to create a display that fits their style and budget. We use professional-grade lights, unique decorations, style and layout.

It’s never too early to begin this process. In fact, the sooner, the better! We begin this process for in early July for commercial properties and in early September for residential properties. Contact us early! Installations begin in late September.


We supply everything from lights, timers and extension cords to foliage to create your unique Christmas display. We have found quality products through industry leading vendors thus allowing us to ensure and warranty quality materials. The first year is the investment year, as our clients purchase the products needed through us and then own the lights for years to come. The years following, our clients pay for the cost of installation and removal. The exception to this, is adding to the display or replacing expired lights.


Installation is not just putting up some lights and decorations. This process includes calculating the amount of power being used so circuits and cords do not overload, and also paying close attention to detail so your display looks professional, neat and creative. We also know you want to see decorations, not wires. So we try our best to hide cords while supplying power to lights.

Our installation begins in October. We discreetly install lights, such as roof line lights, as to not draw attention when unlit. We will then return nearer to Thanksgiving to install noticeable decorations such as wreaths and garland.


We warranty all lights during the season. If you should notice anything out of the ordinary during the holiday season we will make adjustments and repairs at no additional cost. 


At the end of the Christmas season, or as Wisconsin winter weather allows, we will remove the display. We make note of scheduling preferences and do our best to honor that time frame. We cannot remove lights when the temperatures are below double digits, the lights get brittle and simply break. The lights also need to be free from ice.

Upon removal, we store all of our clients decorations and lights. Decorations return to the same property year after year. They are properly contained and labeled for each coordinating property. Many lights and decorations are tested and prepared in the off-season. Providing storage allows easy access for maintenance and preparation for installation.